Breeding with health tested dogs, focus on introducing rare colours to the breed

Pups we have bred. I would like to thank all the owners for keeping me updated on their babies and if your pup isn't on this page please email me your Joybull pup.

       Joybull Precious and Tyson BBD IMP USA  DOB 21/11/12

             Joybull Boyz Talkin                                                           Joybull GirlChat


      Joybull GirlChat                                                                         Joybull Savannah                                                               


      Joybull Boyz Talkin                                                                               Joybull Boyz Toyz


                                            Joybull Rue 


                    Veruca and Tomee Litter DOB 06/11/12

    Joybull Kensei                                                           Joybull Diva

      Joybull Empire Rose                                             Joybull Abbi Jezabeel


      Joybull Ace


  Bullistyc Louisiana and Rocky BBD  Litter  Born 9/11/12

     Joybull Hendricks                                                     Joybull Tanqueray 


      Joybull Holly                                                         Joybull Beluga 


                     Joybull Precious and GoodazGold Smik  DOB 5/01/12


              Joybull Maroubra                                                              Joybull Surfers                            


                          Joybull Manly                                                                               Joybull Coogee


        Joybull Cronulla                                                                Joybull Bronte   


                                     Joybull Byron 






     Devass Winston and Joybull Tash Litter Born  24/5/2010

      Joybull Janee- Hip score 27 Elbows 0:0 Owned by Amanda  


      Joybull Bella- Bella Hip scored 8 Elbows 0:0 Recently had her first litter of pups.Owned by Fiona Brown.


 Joybull Bentley



 Joybull Eno

All grown up AKA "Hudson"

Joybull Pitoy




  Joybull Newman




Devass Winston and Jaes Mercedes  litter Born         26/09/2009


Joybull Hannah


           Joybull Mahlee





  Joybull Gemma



   Joybull Vickery


  Joybull Woody



  Joybull  Davo




  Devass Winston  and Luvabull Milly litter born 27/03/2009

      Joybull Ozchoc Sundae


   Joybull Ozchoc Buddy


Jag Saint & Tazman fullazz Brittany Litter  born 25/02/2008

          Joybull Cher aka Lucy

     Joybull Dolly aka Kasey

      Joybull Elvis aka Morty

   Joybull Tupac  aka Zac

                 Joybull Shanti  aka Missy



   Jae's  Mercedes and Devass Winston Litter Born 2/09/2008

       Joybull Pedro


 Joybull Precious Hip Score 29 Elbow 0:0

   Devass Winston and Tazman Fullazz Brittany  litter born 2/10/2008

         Joybull Kissy 



 Joybull Tash





















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