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March 14 2015

We are excited to announce the new arrivals of our babies. Tigerlilly's pups arrived on March 4th and Hollys 12th March.

From Holly's litter we have bred our first blue fawn Australian Bulldog. His a real gem of a pup. In Tigerlilly's litter we bred our first choc Tri male  .

I along with two other people  have started the Australian Canine Registry. This commenced in early febuary.  All my pups will be registered under this banner.A few selective pups will be available to breeders from Tigerlilly's litter. Pups sired by Kona are not being sold to breeders. I was very generious in the past in letting breeders use my coloured imported lines but since I have cracked down on it. Kona will not be available at stud or pups sold to breeders. 

Keep an eye on my puppy for sale page as I will be posting available pups in a week or  two.  

January 2015

Welcome to another year..Joybull kennels have two expecting females...hopefully pups will arrive in March. We are expecting an assorted of colors from choc Tri , Black Tri and Blue Tri if we are lucky enough . All my babies will be provided with a 6 week vet report, vaccination card and  a Certificate of Pedigree. We are now breeding for our own breeding program and any pups on offer for sale will be to pet homes only. If you want to be a breeder then please do not ask to buy a pup contact one of the clubs and they will put you in contact with a breeder. 

After years of being involved with clubs and being Admin of the the three major clubs I have decided its time to step away and breed just for our own kennels. I will be selling specifically to PET HOMES ONLY..all pups on desexing contracts. JOYBULL  will continue breeding quality pups and mandatory health testing will continue. 

NOVEMBER 2104                                                                                                                      With the hot days soon apon us please ensure all your bullies are safe and in a cool environment. Every year we read and sypmathise the loss of Bulldogs due to heat exhaustion and snake bites. We have upcoming matings planned  for mid 2015 . I will soon advertise this up on planned matings....just not taking any names at this stage. Pups are being mainly sold to pet homes only.                                       

 JULY 2014

 Cannot believe I have not updated this site for over 12 months.  Last few months I have been reducing the amount of dogs as it can get very expensive to provide the time and care each individual dog requires. At present I am looking for  a home for Tomee who has now retired from stud work. Send me a message if your looking for  handsome male liver dog that is a great companion. 

 Our recent litter produced some outstanding pups. Our upcoming future male stud dog will be MICKEY..Black tri Triple carrier. We also retained his sister, RAVEN  . 

During the end of the year I will be breeding Pesi who is a Merle bitch out of Houla and Mempis. This will be a SouthernCross Litter . Very excited to see these puppies hit the ground....History in the making. Expecting all pups to be Blue.

Veruca will be sent to Avignon Kennels in Victoria to be mated to the Handsome George.

Thats about it folks...until the next update xx 


 June 2013

Wow where has the time gone..been ages since I have written an update. We we have some exciting news...Veruca naturally whelped 6 females and one male on the 4th June.All doing well. We got some  pretty colours and pups with lovely markings.

The Southern Cross Bulldog program is moving forward.We have pups on the ground which are foundation lines for the introduction of the Merle gene into the bulldog line.Houla naturally whelped 11 pups. 8 girls and 3 boys. The pups will be available for sale. We have an assortment of colours....Blue Merle, Brindle Merle and Red Merle and Choc.Keep an eye on the for sale page. Pups are two weeks old so will be posting soon. They are very affectionate and will be great family pets.Smaller than a great Dane with heavier bone. The pups are 25% Great Dane+ 25% Catahoula X 50% British Bulldog.

Priced at $700 . Vaccinated, Vet checked and a 12 month health guarantee. Both parents fully health tested.



February 27th 2011

 Memphis our future stud male has flown in from America. Hr arrived in Quarantine on the 24th February. I had an hours visit with him on the following day. He handled the trip quite well and his an absolute gem. I want to thank Michelle Koning from the United States in letting my dream come true in owning Memphis.His been a long 13 months but the wait is soon to be over. Memphis has been DNA tested and is a blue dog that carries the liver and black gene.All his pups will be carriers of the blue dilute gene he sires. Memphis will be laying the foundation lines for the Blue Aussie Bulldogs  and Blue Southern Cross Bulldogs.Very exciting times ahead.Here is a few photos of him.




December 23rd 2010

 Wow hard to believe another  year has just about finished. What a fantastic year we have had.

 During the past 12 months we have managed to buy a Blue BBD pup from the States which will be arriving in Late     February 2011 . He will be up for stud duties after March 2011. We breed our first SCB litter with outstanding results. This separate breeding program will continue in 2011 and we should have Blue pups on the ground mid next year.

A big thank you to Cameron who trusted us to own his liver BBD  and be a part of our breeding program. Nugget is an exceptional BBD and we are expecting his first Joybull Litter in January. 

Winston has now retired from breeding. His been de sexed and moving to his new home after Xmas. His such a special boy that  I am very happy he will be enjoying  life to the fullest  .

Jamar is now living in Victoria at "Rhodecca  Aussie Bukkdogs" please contact them for future pups sired by jamar or if your interested in Stud Duties.

 We still have Kissy up for sale looking for a permanent home. She is a gorgeous female. Well mannered and easy to care for. Fully up to date with all vaccinations etc..

We start the New year with the Anticipation Of Precious due litter. We will be keeping a  liver female pup if any are produced.

I wish you alll a safe and Merry Xmas.

Thank you all for your support over the past 12 months.




September 22nd

 We have no pups for sale but check out the Puppy For sale  page as Winston has sired these boys. Ready for their new homes now.  Contact  Amanda at or phone 0417 438 264 or check out her website

We are 100% positive that Lilly ( SCB)  is expecting pups from Nugget ( Liver BBD)  We are hoping for liver pups but if not they wil all be carriers and Breed Percentage 75% . All will be registered with an Ausdog Certificate.

WE are just waiting on DNA test of Lilly to see if she is a Blue gene carrier. If so all pups will be DNA tested.



 July 12th

 All Tash's pups are now sold. I couldn't be happier with this mating. Pups are 3rd generation and still maintaining nice bone and bulldog type. Congratulations to all the owners. Soon your new family addition will be arriving. Our next litter will be Joybull Precious mated mated back to our Stud Muffin , Nugget. We will be keeping females from this mating



June 22nd 2010

 We are excited to announce at Joybull Kennels  we have recently acquired a Liver British Bulldog. He is from Champion Lines and will be a great asset to the UABA breeding program.Extremely healthy and energetic . His a real clown and a treasure to own. For stud enquirers please contact me through Phone or email.

Tash has had her babies. 8 in total and she proven to be a wonderful mum. Stays with them 24hrs a day, playing, feeding and sleeping with them. Pups that are available are on the Pups for sale page.

Milly will leaving Joybull Kennels on Wed and heading up to Queensland to her new home. Congratulations to the new owners. Mia will be returning to us this week for a mating with our Liver BBD. Pups will be exceptional from these two dogs. I will put the owners details up once she had been mated so you can contact them for a pup.

All the best


 April 30th

 This year is flying past. latest NEWS!!! Tash is having puppies. So excited to see what this mating will produce.

 Expecting 3rd generation pups and cross fingers we will have a few liver ones in the litter. 

Hard decision but we are looking for homes for Mercedes and Kissy.Please look at the Adult for Sale.

The southern Cross Breeding program at the UABA has kicked in and we were lucky enough to be offered a female pup from this mating. She arrived a few weeks ago and has settled in.

Thats about it for now.


 December 6th 2009

How fast has this year gone.

Brittany delivered 5 pups 2 weeks ago.

We have  1 female and 3 males. These pups will be up for sale shortly.

Hope you all have a lovely and safe xmas.

We are all very excited about getting our xmas bundle when she arrives.





October 29th

Seems like the last 5 weeks has been a blur. Mercedes had her gorgeous pups. 12 in total but 11 surviving. She will now be retired due to tearing of the uterine horn. Too risky to have another litter with her. She will be desexed once she has fully recovered from having a litter. We still have one lovely male looking for his permanent home. Please check out the PUPS for sale if interested. 

 Brittany is showing signs of being in pup.

once this litter goes I will have a short spell and than it will be full on again with Brittany's pups.

Mia's little man Richie is growing into a fine looking Aussie. He has mums gorgeous temprement .

He will be a great asset to our breeding program. He is very heavy boned and a lovely shaped  head on him.

We also have been extremerly lucky to add fresh lines to our Kennel. We are buying a red Aussie girl from Jax Aussie Bulldogs in Victoria. 

So a lot of good happenings here at Joybull Aussie Bulldogs.





September 9th, 2009

Mia's pup was born on Friday 4th September. She only had one. A white Male with a brown ear patch. This mating will never be repeated so he is a special man with a unique bloodline.Photos to follow at a later date. He has been named Joybull A Bit Rich. Seems fitting since he has cost me a small fortune to get him here.


September 1st , 2009

First day of spring and what a wonderful and glorious day it is.

Well the good news Mia is having puppies.

Due any day. She is keeping well not all fazed  being in pup.

Planning on keeping a male from this litter and maybe a female.

We are busy at home organizing for there arrival.

Mercedes is due in 4 weeks and she has sprouted. Having a larger litter this time. 

Milly is in season but I am resting her as she had a c-section  with her last litter. She will be due back in season around March next year.

If your interested in a liver pup from Milly than I would be getting in early.

I already have breeders down for this mating. This will be a repeat mating using Winston. Pups from the first litter have

prooved exceptional. 

Our future stud boy Jamar is growing into a lovely boy. Heavly boned and has that fantastic personality.

Here he is at 4 months.







July 14th, 2009

Thought I would update the happenings here at Joybull Kennels,

Mia was mated on Sat 4th July. We used frozen puppies to collected freshed Chilled from the stud dog in Melbourne and inseminated Mia in NSW. Thank you so much to Tony Wiseman and all the staff that operate from frozen puppies at the central coast. Mia was welled cared for and enjoyed her holiday away from home. We are ultrasounding on the 31st, so hopefully we will have goood news to celebrate.

Our Newest male to join us is Jag Jamar from Noel and Tina Green.

He is a stunning male pup, well put together, nice sound structure, second generation with some very impressive dogs behind his lines. He was chosen  for our breeding program to be mated back to Winston girls in 2010 . His type is exactly was I was looking for when purchasing a pup to go back to Tash and Kissy.




June 8th, 2009

Just a quick note:

Can all people that have been in contact recently

please fill out another Puppy Application form as my

computer was zapped and I have lost your details.

Thank you.


MAY 21ST, 2009

Just a quick update. Precious is back home after her overnight stay at the vets. .Feeling much better and perkier. I think she made a few fans. Lots of compliments on what a sweet girl she is. The vets are pretty sure she had a gastro  bug. She is on flagyl for 10 days. Must have found something dead on the property and had a chew on it. Checked over for any hazard materials but no poisons around she could have got into.Happy that she is back wagging her tail  at me.Thanks for your emails and phone calls in reard to Precious.



May 21st, 2009

Its never dull around here. Poor Precious wake up this am ill with a high temp and 

unable to stand on her hind quarters.   She was rushed off to the vet and commenced

on a drip and IV antibiotics. Bloods were taken which indicated a high white cell

count   and x-rays performed incase she has a bowel blockage from a foreign


She is always chewing on anything she finds. The x-ray showed no gas in the bowel so

the vets are doing a Barrium swallow to exclude a blockage.

So we are just waiting at home and hoping she will be okay. She is in excellent hands

and we caught her very early . At 3 am I let her outside and she was running around

okay but at 7am I found her in sever pain and distended belly. Hopefully she will 

not need surgery.


Milly's pups have all left except one and she is going next month to live in Cairns.

Here is there final photo shot as a group photo





May 7th.

Millys pups are now 6 weeks old. They are just gorgeous.

Joybull Sir Ozchoc Buddy


Joybull Miz Ozchoc Sundae


Joybull Sir Ozchoc Moka




April 15th 2009

Milly's and Winstons  pups are now 19 days old. They are the second litter to be

registered with the Uaba that are from Liver to Liver mating. Here are some

photos of the pups.


Joybull Miz Ozchoc Sundae

 Joybull Sir Ozchoc Buddy

 Joybull Sir Ozchoc Moka




13th March 2009                                                                   

22nd January, 2009.

Mercedes is  in season but we are resting her this time , We are Mating Milly with Winston.Thinking of doing a blog on her this time . Mia is due in around April/ May.

 I hope everyone had a very happy and safe Christmas. The  New Year is on us already,


 7TH OCTOBER. 2008

Brittany had 2 lovely girls born on the 2nd October, 2008 Sired by





Mercedes had 2 beautiful pups, Born 8 weeks ago

 Pedro- Who is heading off to live in Canberra


Precious - Who is staying here


 Pedro and Precious




 August 21st, 2008.

Mercedes is due to whelp in 10 days. She is keeping in good health and having a vet check next Wednesday.



we are expecting some gorgeous little Aussies. 


July 15th 2008

We have recently mated Milly with Charlie BB owned by Maple Lee unfortunately after an ultrasound no pups were found.

We will be doing a repeat mating using frozen semen next year. Milly takes 11months between seasons.So I will be using frozen puppies to do the insemination. They have a very good record in conceiving pups so hopefully next time it will be a great success.

Mercedes was mated 2weeks ago with Winston, He has recently had his hips and elbows xrayed . He has no hip dysplasia and scored around 30. To early to tell if she is in pup yet but hoping she is. This will be Winstons first litter so very excited to see what he produces. All pups will be a carrier of the liver gene.

My boy Barney has been retired to a lovely home in Victoria. He will be a great family pet and bring a lot of joy to his new owners.. It was a very sad day to see him go. I still miss the big guy.

Don't forget to check out our forum on the A.B.C.A and look at all the lovely Aussies that are being produced.

We are planning on a Aussie Bulldog Day in New South Wales. This will be open to all registries and hoping for a good turn out on the day.

Will post directions as it gets closer. Looking at October 11th at Penrith.


Karen : JOYBULL Aussie Bulldogs


9th May 2008

All Brittany's pups have settled into their new homes. Recent feedback from owners is all positive and pups are settling in except for the great urge to chew and nip. Gotta love pups.

I recently had Brittany and Mia DNA tested for the liver gene by GenTest. The results have come back as BB so either carry the liver gene. Disappointing but I can know focus on the pathway to follow to breed my two girls.

If interested here are the contact details

Inge Craik
GenTest (Australia)
P.O. Box 239, Miller NSW 2168
Phone/Fax: +61 0(2) 9600 7958 Mobile: 0400 800667

 We also have a new addition to the JOYBULL family of Aussies. Milly was breed by Mandy Burgess and recently owned by JStone Kennels. I am grateful that Jo has given me the opportunity to became Milly's new owners.Milly is a third generation Aussie Bulldog.She is a very athletic girl with a impressive head and nice structure. She has liver pigmentation.We are planning on breeding her on her next season hopefully to my male Winston.It  will be the first liver to liver mating in the Aussie Bulldog that I am aware of. Looking forward to exceptional pups.






10th April 2008

Brittany had a natural delivery of 10 pups on Monday 25th February. Unfortunately we lost 2 pups with Puppy Fading Syndrome within the first 2 weeks.

She has 5 remaining females and 3 Males.

 1  males is still available at this stage all other pups have homes

Thanks for looking at my website, any questions drop me a email.

Karen from JoYBull Aussie Bulldogs 



DECEMBER 18th 2007
Brittany is finally in her second season. She was blood tested and vaginally swabbed today so we can mate on the correct days. We plan to use SARGE ( JAG SAINT). He is a proven stud dog, sired 14 litres with no health problems. He is a  predominately red  in colour
Sarge  is owned by Allison Collins.
He can be viewed at
 Fingers crossed we have puppies mid to late February 2008.


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December 2007 New PUP for JOYBULL KENNELS

Bred from Maple-Lee Kennels


Future of JOYBULL Kennels

JOYBULL Aussie Bulldog are striving to breed pups that are liver pigmentation known as Cinnamen.
We have 2 bitches that are both from lines that carry this gene
Tazman Fullazz Brittany
Jag Beautiful Dreamer

We are also lucky to own our own future stud boy
Devass Winston who has liver pigmentation.
So the future is looking good and within the next 15months we should be producing some  sought after pups.


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