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 Holding Deposit Agreement

After contacting us: Fill out your information PLEASE


Owner Name: ________________________________________ Tele: ______________


City: _________________________ State: __________________ Zip: ______________

Email: _______________________________________________ Date: _____________


Will puppy need to be transported_______________________

I, am submitting a non-refundable holding deposit to Karen Reedman  in the amount of $200.00,

for a Aussie Bulldog Puppy: Name: _______________________________________

MALE / FEMALE , Color: ____________________________________________, from

Dam: _______________________________ Sire: ______________________________

I am reserving a puppy from the above litter. This puppy is not reserved until the holding deposit has been received by the Seller in the amount of $500.00

This holding deposit will reserve the puppy until it is 8 weeks of age. If the Buyer completes the purchase of this puppy, the holding deposit will be credited to the purchase price of the puppy. If the buyer at any stage defaults on buying the pup the holding depsoit is non- refundable.

IF PUPPY IS TO BE SHIPPED: The seller will arrange air shipment for the  puppy, however the Buyer will pay the balance due for the puppy and the cost of all shipping and handling fees for shipment of the puppy 2 weeks prior to shipping date. The Seller shall not be responsible for the safety of the puppy while in transit to the Buyers place of residence, to include any and all incurred injuries or illness as a result of transportation.


The balance due on the puppy is due by 6 weeks of age and before the puppy will be released to the Buyer.


This Deposit Agreement serves as a guarantee for the amount of deposit. If Seller fails to make available the puppy described above, the amount of the deposit will be refunded to purchaser.


Puppy’s go home date is  8 weeks of age and will have a puppy information pack . Included will be microchip information, vaccination, worming schedule and a diet sheet and photos of the development of your pup... Any puppy not paid for in full according to this agreement, will be re-advertised for sale.

Direct bank deposits are accepted on Deposits . Please pay balance due with cash or direct bank  deposit  so  that we can release the puppy to you.


Karen Reedman                                           Buyer:__________________________________

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