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Tazman Fullaz Brittany 24/3/06 - 05/02/2016 

Our beautiful girl found her wings and went to heaven this morning. This page is dedicated to her..she was my first love first bulldog  ... I have lost a family member....feel so grieve stricken. 

We travelled a journey of many  FIRST

My First Bulldog

My First visit at Newcastle Airport to pick up my first Bulldog Puppy so many years ago....

Brittany was our first Bulldog that my children all grew up with

Brittany was with me attending my FIRST obedience lessons  

Through Brittany I made many FIRST BULLDOG FRIENDS which led onto many BULLDOG CLUBS 

We attended our First Bulldog Funday at Foster

We went on our first Bulldog  family holiday at Harrington 

Brittany was the first Bulldog I saw having  Artificial insemination 

From that result Brittany produced my FIRST  Bulldog Litter of 10 pups

Brittany was also the FIRST in being naughty....jumping 6 ft fences , chasing the neighbours cows and rounding up the neighbours horses ..eeek.... Also the FIRST to destroy countless kennels , coats and blankets over the years...chewed up the garden plants and rose beds.. bought home dead kangaroo parts many naughty things she use to do ..

Brittany was the first to claim her spot on the lounge ..plenty of teeth marks to prove it.

Brittany was the First to to win my heart and I hers.... I knew she loved me unconditionally ... she always had  a spark of love in her eyes for me. I am going to miss her night snores and welcome wag tails and her smoochy kisses.

This morning as I was saying my goodbyes...she looked so peaceful....sleeping with the tip of her tongue protruding like she she did on any other morning. 

Brittany was our Matriarch of JOYBULL KENNELS - Never to be forgotten 

Brittany's Kids